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// All sports and nature in Biarritz

Scuba diving
USB plongée
Open all year round, the BAB Subaquatique organises, in addition to beginners’ and improvers’ courses, dives to explore and discover the Basque coast from the Port Vieux (Old Port) or...
Biarritz Olympique Omnisports
Biarritz Olympique Omnisports is an association grouping together 11 sporting sections: athletics, cycle touring, fitness, handball, bodybuilding, swimming, hockey rink, rugby, tennis, triathlon and...
The Marsouins (Porpoises) swim school give classes every day at the Port Vieux beach.
Takamaka welcomes you all year round with numerous activities: rafting, free-fall, paramotoring, surf schools, mountain bikes, sea kayaking, jet ski, waveski, quad, Hawaiian pirogue…. Bike and...
Plan Cousut
The swimming pool offers a water body of 10m x25m. Activities are organised by a state-licensed personnel: Energetic and dynamic gym (from 13 years old) Water initiation courses (4-5 years...
Club de Plage Mickey
Located on the Grande Plage beach, the Mickey beach club welcomes children from 3 to 12 years old and offers them numerous activities.
Indoor seawater swimming pool, heated at 28°C and a wading pool heated at 30°C. Jacuzzi, Sauna, Hammam. Activities: swim lessons for everyone, training lessons for adults, water...
Opened in 1977, this sports complex includes a long wall on the left named Jaï-Alaï for the cesta punta with 1800 seats and 200 standing places, a short wall on the left for the pala,...
Biarritz Olympique Tennis
With 679 members, the Biarritz Olympique Tennis is the 1st section (in size) of the Biarritz Olympique Omnisports. 14 tennis courts among which 12 clay courts (8 outdoors and 4 indoors including 2...
Pays Basque Expérience
When driving your comfortable LANDCRUISER connected by radio, our guide is taking you to a spectacular discovery of the region all year round . You drive behind the tour guide vehicle that comments...
One outdoor arena, two covered riding stables, two modern and practical stables (30 horses and 30 ponies). Walks in the woods. 7 state-licensed professors: 2 instructors and 5 coaches. Training...
Skate Park
The Alaï skate park is located in the industrial area of la Négresse: warehouse of 800m², adapted to the practise of skating, rollerblading, BMX, etc. Material: skate ramps....
The Biarritz Athletic Club is a club of Basque Pelota gathering several specialities: Cesta Punta, Hand-pelota, Pala Ancha, etc... The Club has a Jaï Alaï (indoor front wall) of 54m, a...
Biarritz Hélicoptère
Based in Biarritz Parme Airport, Biarritz Hélicoptère is specialised in helicopter work and transport. With a long experience in this field, we assure a high-quality service, with a...
Air transport by helicopter (all distances). We offer tourist tours, first flights and a flying over the Basque and Landes coasts from €58/person. Initiation flights to piloting.

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