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13° - 9°
Dimanche 26
Légère Pluie
15° - 12°
Lundi 27
Bruine Légère
17° - 12°
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Basse mer : 07:59
Pleine mer : 01:48

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Pleine mer : 14:19
matin : Coef. :62
Basse mer : 08:42
Pleine mer : 02:35

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Basse mer : 21:02
Pleine mer : 15:01
matin : Coef. :77
Basse mer : 10:21
Pleine mer : 04:17

Aprés midi : Coef. :84
Basse mer : 22:41
Pleine mer : 16:40
matin : Coef. :91
Basse mer : 10:59
Pleine mer : 04:57

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Pleine mer : 17:19

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Beaches in Biarritz

Quality of the water, a prime objective

For several years Biarritz has undertaken a policy of stringent checks of the water on all its beaches. A fast-response management strategy, tailored to each site, has been implemented, anticipating the requirements of the European directive on bathing water quality, coming into force in 2015.

Certification «Procedure for bathing water quality»

Biarritz, a leader in bathing water quality, is certified as meeting the standard of the « Démarche qualité des eaux de baignade » established under the auspices of the Ministry of Ecology, Energy and Sustainable Development and of the Sea.


The aims are to protect the health of swimmers and bathers, and to ensure continuous improvement of water quality, in order to obtain the appropriate quality classification «adequate/ good/excellent» for each swimming/bathing site.

Further information can be found in each lifeguard station, along with a panel displaying the profile of the beach and a complaint register where you can write your own comments.
Specific informations, updated every morning, is also available at:
INFO PLAGES : 0 805 2000 64 (free call)

Biarritz beaches info : discover in real time the global weather conditions, the color of the flag, and therefore in case of closure and reopening beach.

This app also provide date information about tides, wave height and wind speed/direction, temperature of water and air, the UV index.

La Grande Plage :  May : 14/15/16/21/22/28/29 from 1pm to 6pm

                                   June / september : every days from 12 to 7pm

                                   July /  August from 10am to 8pm

                                  October : Week-end :1/2 & 8/9 from 1pm to 6pm



Plage Miramar  :  June: 25/26/29 from 1pm to 7pm

                               July/ August from 10am to 7pm


Plage Marbella : July / august: every days from 10 amto 7 pm


Plage de la Côte des Basques et Plage de la Milady : June : 11/12 & 18 to 30 from 1 pm to 7pm  

                                                                                                 July / August : every days from 10am to 7pm

                                                                                                 September : from 1st to 18 from 1pm to 7pm


Plage du Port Vieux :  June : 18/19/22/25/26/29 & September : 3/4 from 1pm to 7pm

                                        July / August : every days from 10am to 7pm






More information about beaches : the color of flags, beaches description, etc

Please visit this website www.plagescotebasque.com or download free app.


Tide Calendar 2017


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Beaches in Biarritz
La Côte des Basques
Birthplace of surfing, this beach benefits from an exceptional setting (surrounded by cliffs and a magnificient view of the Spanish coast and mountains) . Bathing is suspending during the high tide (there is no  more sand) Parking at the top of the...
Port Vieux
This small and quiet beach situated along the rocky cove and sheltered from winds and waves. It is close to the town centre, ideal for families with young children. The water is usually calm and offers the best conditions for swimming. Access...
La Milady
This big beach is very popular among young people and residents. You can walk along the seafront promenade with a magnificent view. There is also a children's play area. In addition, this beach was adapted with features enabling acces by wheelchairs...

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