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Biarritz is an exceptional destination located in the heart of the Basque Country, right at a cultural crossroads.

With two airports (Biarritz- Pays Basque airport, conveniently near the CITY-center AND only 20 minutes from San Sebastian airport), Biarritz is connected to most of the main European cities AND capitals and Paris itself is only one-hour flight away.

Once a seaside resort prized by European royalty, Biarritz is now a thriving hub of sports, culture and fine dining. The French Government recently selected the Biarritz-Basque country brand, a gem of international tourism, to highlight the perks of tourism in France, along with 19 other destinations.

Biarritz is the destination for those seeking art de vivre, relaxation, culture and creativity. The weather is mild, with landscapes ranging from beaches to majestic mountains.

Nature  has provided Biarritz with the very best it has to offer : a beautiful climate in all seasons ; fresh, invigorating air ; water with extraordinary properties.

Beauty and well-being are right at home in Biarritz which is ideally located by the sea at the foot of the Pyrenees.

Nowadays they come to revitalize body and soul in the swirling waters at Biarritz’s thalassotherapy and spa centers, and to visit the numerous other.

Guests will find international surf spots, golf courses, rugby fields, Basque pelota courts, festival grounds and an exceptional natural environment.

Its 4km-long oceanfront overlooks the Atlantic Ocean, making Biarritz one of the emblematic destinations on the Basque Coast.

The golfers who elected Biarritz “Queen of Greens”, just as French dramatist Sacha Guitry had elected Biarritz “Queen of Beaches”, certainly knew what they were doing.

Biarritz is home to 16 golf courses all within a 100km radius.

The Lighthouse golf course was established in 1888, making it one of the Continent’s oldest. Back then, no one would have predicted that surfing would make its first appearance in the Old Continent right in Biarritz. Surfing has brought the town another title – that of European surfing capital, has left in its wake a boardsports industry already worth 900 million euros by 2003. Pelota and Rugby are... national titles. Sports played in Biarritz, itself like a vast sport’s field, reflect the town’s zest for life

The strength of Biarritz is based on its attachment to the exceptional traditions and lands - cape that it has managed to preserve : this helps to explain why it holds such an excellent position in the conference and incentives markets.

So much more than promises, Biarritz provides the momentum to bring out the best in you.