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Sites and Museums in Biarritz


Biarritz is proud of its history and its culture but equally, thanks to its cosmopolitan past, it is always receptive to new influences.
The numerous sites and museums of the town exemplify this, revealing its cultural riches in a manner appealing to young and old alike.

Discover the principal milestones of the town’s history at the Musée Historique de Biarritz, housed in a former Anglican church. Listen to the commentary whilst visiting the charming Imperial Chapel. Don’t hesitate to climb the 248 steps of the Lighthouse. Immerse yourself in the oriental culture of the Musée Asiatica.
If you’re a chocolate lover, submit to the temptations of the « Planète Musée du chocolat ».  Make sure you visit the newly renovated Musée de la Mer Aquarium (Special Internet offers), now one of the biggest aquariums in France with its fifty tanks and several thousand species.
For the more sporty, the Musée historique du Biarritz Olympique discloses the secrets of its sporting archives dating from 1900 to the present day.
In June 2011, as a result of its special relationship with the ocean, Biarritz, opened the Cité de l’Océan (Special Internet offers), devoted to the discovery and the protection of the world’s seas.

Biarritz: the culture of the Great and the Good.

Les musées à Biarritz
Discover the ocean mysteries with Biarritz Océan In June 2011, Biarritz opened an entirely new concept: ‘Biarritz Océan’, which includes the extension of the Musée de la Mer (Sea Museum) and the opening of the Cité de l’Océan (Ocean World). The...
Sea Museum
In a splendid Art Deco monument, the visitor will discover a magnificent living spectacle spread across nearly fifty aquariums and thousands of species. Not to be missed: the seals’ basin or the sharks’ cave for an unexpected face to face....
 ORIENTAL ART MUSEUM ASIATICA The number and quality of the unique artworks of Musée Asiatica, makes it one of the principal five European museums for Asiatic Arts. The collection consists of more than a thousand pieces, from prehistory to nowadays...

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